Organizations Aims and Objectives

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In this assignment I have been asked to explain how functional areas contribute to fulfil the organizations aims and objectives. I will have to relate this task to two organizations. My two chosen companies are ASDA and Tesco. First I will describe what aims, objectives and functional areas are. I will then describe four functional areas. Finally I will set two targets for each company and describe how functional areas contribute to achieve these two objectives. Definition of:

Aims are long term goals. Aims can be achievable through objectives. An aim is where a business wants to be in the future. Objectives provide a business a certain and clearly defined target. Objectives will also have an impact on the staff they might get more motivated. Functional areas are there to run the business each department has their own part to play in the business. The functional areas are also known as departments for e.g. HR (Human resources), Administration, IT support etc.

Four functional areas
1. ICT
It solves any technical faults in the computers and also takes care of all software’s running in the company. This department also provides security in the business, so it has to take care that no one else can see their files, projects etc. So this department does everything with computers and technology. 2. Human Resources

This is also a major area in a business, this departments takes care of employing new staff, not only does it to do this but it also takes care about the welfare of the employees in their environment. This whole department takes care of every employee and holds record about them. This department works with all other departments as they have employees. 3. Customer Service

Another important department, this is a crucial department as it ensures that customers are happy, it helps to fill up customer needs and provide answers to their questions, and this department satisfies customer needs. This is an important department as...
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