Accounting: How the Business Can Increase Their Profits

Topics: Customer service, Marketing, Sales Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: July 30, 2008
I have been given the job to come up with two proposals for recommendation on how the business can increase their profits, improve their customer service, and expand their business. I have never looked at the financial statements that are given to each shareholder. I have to present my proposals to the Vice President in the afternoon business meeting. In order for this company to get what they want, they must have a vision of what they are trying to achieve as a whole. In my statement, I am going to explain to the VP how the business can improve its customer service, profits, and expand the business as well.

Customer Service gives customers some guarantee. Good customer service helps a business to keep old customers and attract newcomers. What you have to offer for your customers should be written in a clear statement. Everything that is part of customer service is there to help customers. It helps to solve the issues that customers have with a product that they have purchased from a business. Not all customer service help resolve a customer problem.

As with most business, there is a saying that the customers are always right. Your customer service should benefit the customers as well as the business as a whole. Most customer service representatives have steps that they follow to solve any problems that a customer may have. Some representatives may have to deal with some very rude customers. When doing so, they must always remember to stay calm and always be nice. A rude representative can run away customers. They should let them explain to them what problem they are experiencing with a product and take any necessary steps to solve the issue.

There should be guidelines for return goods. Most guidelines will allow a customer to exchange, replace, or get a refund for their purchase. There are many reasons for a customer Page 2
wanting to return a product. It can be not what they wanted, damaged, or simply not the correct size that they needed. A customer...
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