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Topics: Management, SWOT analysis, Strategic management Pages: 4 (915 words) Published: February 24, 2013
In this paper I will conduct an internal environmental analysis for my beauty salon. I will discuss the forces and trends that must be taken into consideration while developing a strategic plan.in todays beauty salon business I will provide a list of the lesson learned from my learning team discussion. I will create a SWOTT table summarizing my findings. My environmental analysis will identify the one primary strength , / weakness, threat and trend.

Internal and external environmental analysis
In my SWOTT analysis the internal and external analysis of a beauty salon influences my business success. Internal operation make certain that the business has competitive position in the market but internal issues can create many problems for business. The customers are the most importance for the business. If there are no customers, there is no business. Know your competition so you Understand their position in the marketplace.

While developing a strategy plan for a hair salon, strengths can be easy to identify. A hair salon that has a large amount of customers has a very successful marketing, with good operation and is able to perform good management. Factors such as teams that are trained well and have traffic coming from many places may be the center strength of the salon. In my business I have a team of twelve workers to take excellent care of the customer’s needs. They have the talent and expertise to do whatever the customer want. The beauty salon has a member to go out and purchase the entire product that is needed. The repetition of this beauty salon is good within the community because the salon is located on a busy main street.

Weaknesses in internal factors mean negative factors that are not so good such as a poor area for the business. This includes any internal factors that may prevent the business from succeeding. Weakness is a factor where beauty salons business is in control. The business...
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