Service Delivery and Process Design

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Charity C. RobinAugust 1, 2012
The Service System
The service system comprises the service delivery process and all of the supporting processes that are required in the co-creation of value for the customer. The service system is often the service organization. However, the service system can be expanded to include suppliers to whom part of the service delivery process has been outsourced and who therefore can affect the customer’s experience (this is known as business process outsourcing or BPO). For example, when you make an online airline reservation at Expedia, how quickly and accurately Delta Airlines confirms your reservation and seat assignments significantly affect your experience and satisfaction with Expedia’s reservation process. Service Delivery Process

This is the end-to-end process that directly interacts with the customer. It consists of all the steps that a customer goes through in the co-creation of value. The service delivery process begins when the customer first interacts with the service organization or system and ends when the delivery of the desired service is completed and the customer exits the process. Supporting Processes

These consist of all the other processes that together with the service delivery process define the service system. Each supporting process affects the customer’s experience during the delivery of the service. Examples of supporting processes include the human resource management process and the information technology process. Relationship among the Major Elements Involved in Service Innovation

Challenges in Designing the Service Process
Because services are intangible they can be difficult to describe, and that difficulty creates a challenge for service designers. Lynn Shostack identified four risks inherent in describing services. The Priority Sequence for Designing the Service Delivery Process

Service Strategy
The first step in...
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