Factors Affecting Motivation in Public Organizations

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Factors affecting motivation in public organizations
Project Report

Factors affecting motivation in public organizations
Project Report

Motivation in Public Organisations
_________________________________________________________________________________ Abstract
Motivation is known as important as other factors for achieving the organisational goals. The high motivation led the employees to the extreme commitment with the organisation goals. Similarly high employee motivation leads to greater employee creativity and productivity, in this survey it has been found that the two independent variables, which are quality supervision and participation, are positively related to the dependent variable, motivation. The participation has a strong relationship level than the quality supervision with motivation. Results highlighted that all the tested variables are positively correlated but correlation of participation and quality of supervision are 0.52 and 0.30, respectively.

Key Words: (Quality of supervision, Participation, Motivation, Public sector).


Motivation is a force that drives people to do things. Employees are normally motivated to achieve their needs, whatever they may include. Motivation may be intrinsic or extrinsic. This is what we call motivation. Employees of a company will be motivated if they associate certain incentives with an activity of work. It been seen in India that the employees in the public sector organisations are not motivated as much as in the private sector. There are so many factors responsible for this state of nature. In this research the focus is that what are the factors responsible for motivation and its impacts on the organisation goals. There are different types of public organisation but for this research study the insurance companies that are owned by the Government have been selected. The research here will be pertains to the insurance industry but it can also be extended to other public sector organisations. In this research the impact of the two independent variables will be seen on the motivation. Quality supervision is an aspect of immediate work environment, with significant implications for motivation. Parry and Porter (1982) also proved that in any event, quality of supervision is a critical element in motivational process. Participation involves some type of shared or joint decision making between supervisors and subordinates at the work group, program, or organisational level (Parry and Porter, 1982). They have further stated that one might expect that participation would contribute positively to motivational considerations like perception. Donald in his research paper, The Role of Organisations in Fostering Public Service Motivation, has stated that the Empowering of the employees has a positive effect on PSM.

Literature review

A challenging work environment and support of the top management is a very high motivator. Similarly having regular contacts with the senior executives is another factor for motivation. It was also proved by Horwitz et al (2003) that flexible work practices such as flexi-time does not guarantee the motivation. The ineffective practices may be potential dissatisfiers and may not motivate intrinsically (Herzberg, 1966). A highly competitive pay package, with performance incentives, seemed to be more important for attracting the employees than motivation (Horwitz et al, 2003). Higher employee motivation leads to greater employee creativity, productivity and discretionary effort which in turn lead to improved company performance (Gevity Institute, motivating your employees). In the same small business guide it has been mentioned that businesses have the power to directly impact employee motivation through their employee management practices. Collective bargaining is one variant of participation.

Frederick Herzberg’s motivation theory also states that satisfaction of the employees is associated with the non-monetary, or...
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