Motivation in Public Sector

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Motivation in the Public Sector
Gerardo Martinez
California State University, Long Beach

Motivation in the Public Sector
The topic that I have selected to write about is in regards to creating and maintaining employee motivation in the public sector. I wish to explore the topic and investigate the existing problems, theories, applications, trade-offs and ideas for different types of motivational strategies. This topic falls under the compensation, benefits, and training functional area of HRM. I would like to define what motivation means in the workplace and its effects on the organization. I believe that I will find motivation in the workplace to be extremely important and relevant to the efficiency and capability of any organization. I also believe that motivation, or lack thereof, can also largely affect an organization’s efficiency, reputation, integrity and sustainability.

I wish to explore the effects that incentives, specialization, occupational mobility, benefit packages, promotions, flexibility, and workplace culture have on employees. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are also topics I would like to largely study simply because people are motivated in different ways and it would be important to gauge the most effective type of motivator depending on the position and the individual employee’s values. Also, since there are so many different combinations of personalities, personal values, experiences, and personal goals for individuals I would like to explore the responsibilities that HRM managers can do to individually motivate each employee. It is very unlikely that a single set of motivational policies will work with everyone; one size never seems to fit all. I plan to research cases in motivation, current applications, and discover new concepts that cover employee motivation from the acquisition stage and discuss strategies for maximizing employee retention, talent, and productivity.
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