Does the Ends Justify the Means: Justifying the Use of Torture in the Name of Public Interest

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Does The Ends Justify the Means: Justifying the use of torture in the name of Public Interest Kenneth Rudominer
Florida Gulf Coast University
Introduction to Public Administration
PAD 6060
Margaret E. Banyan, PhD
January 20, 2013

Does The Ends Justify the Means: Justifying the use of torture in the name of Public Interest Public Administration can be thought of as where the rubber meets the road in the act of governing via the Constitution. Under normal conditions the framework of the constitution leaves room for Public Administrators to interpret if they should govern by what the “Public Interest”, wants or what they believe is in the public’s best interest. Under the extra-ordinary times following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 this discretion was asserted by the highest levesl of government. This decision to impose its will on the, “Public Interest,” erode the moral fabric of everyone involved down to the very bottom causing ordinary men and women to do horrible things all for what they were led to believe was for the,” Public Interest.” The public interest refers to the "common well-being" or "general welfare". The public interest is central to policy debates, politics, democracy and the nature of government itself. While nearly everyone claims that aiding the common well-being or general welfare is positive, there is little, if any, consensus on what exactly constitutes the public interest, or whether the concept itself is a coherent one ("Public interest," n.d., p. 1) That definition of “Public Interest” ends with the premises that there is no consensus of exactly what constitutes the “Public Interest,” The difficulty in defining the “Public Interest” puts pressure on elected officials in trying to legislate for the ,”Public Interest” and it puts even more pressure on the Public Officials to administrate the ,”Public Interest.” The question is should public officials push programs that they feel the public needs or should they carry...