Factors Affecting English Achievement of First Year Students of Compra National High School

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The problem of low achievement from the elementary to the tertiary level of our educational system has led the educators and planners to embark programs to raise the quality of education. Observers from all sectors commented that schools are producing poor quality graduates – the elementary schools are producing graduates who could hardly read and write and the high schools are turning out graduates who could hardly speak English and are not ready for college work. A continuous down trend in the quality of education and academic achievement of the students in all levels, especially the secondary school students has been keenly observed in recent years. Many studies showed that the secondary graduates failed to come up to what they were expected to accomplish within their 4-years of schooling. Many sectors are alarmed by the low performance of the graduates. This low performance is attributed to many factors (EDCOM, 1991). Past researches classified three significant factors that affected the teaching learning process: the teacher, the learner, and the teaching-learning process. According to Gloria (1997) the best teacher using the best equipment and materials available will fail unless the learner is ready to learn, and the quality of learning depends upon the quality of the learner. Various factors have affected learning in school. These factors include environmental factors, classrooms, textbooks, equipment, school supplies, and other instructional materials, the school head, the teacher, the pupils, home, language of instruction, etc. English language has been mandated by the national policy makers as the international language in the Philippines. This decision was based on the fact that English is understood in every continent and can claim a wider geographical range than any other tongue. In consonance with this mandate, the declared policy of the DepEd as indicated in Resolution No. 73, series of 1973, stressed the achievement of competence and skill in both Filipino and English. In the Philippines it is the medium of instruction in our schools system from the basic education to the tertiary level, however, despite all efforts of the education authorities to intensify the teaching of English language in our schools, the students’ English performance is below satisfactory (Robles, 1998). The mastery of English language is indeed immeasurable because of its numerous uses; however, it can only be a genuine tool to effective communication if it is used with utmost accuracy, clarity and efficiency.

Background of the Study

This study determined the factors that affected the English achievement of the first year students of Compra National High School. Formerly, this school was an annex campus of Liloy National High School and established on June, 1999, however, recently, it gained its independence and known as Compra National High School. It is on its 10th year of operation and it is managed by a female principal with ten (10) regular and five (5) school board teachers and 750 students under her supervision. It is located in a 21, 000 sq. meter lot adjacent to the Barangay Hall alongside the National highway. It has fifteen (15) feeder Elementary Schools. CNHS is a complete high school holding three sections each curricular year with an average population of fifty (50) students per class. The teacher-student ratio is 1:50. In terms of the students’ English performance, the researcher being an English teacher of this school, she has noticed that many of the students, specially the freshmen are handicapped in English language. A great number of the freshmen are slow readers with low level of comprehension and can hardly speak the language. In order to have a baseline data on their English proficiency and achievement this study is conducted. In terms of the students’ performance in the National...
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