The Path from Secondary to Post Secondary Education

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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The Path from Secondary to Post Secondary Education Transition

How does a high school student know that he or she is ready to enter college? How do parents know their children are academically, mentally and emotionally ready for this transition? It is a question that has no definitive answer but does however have a basic theory that can’t be ignored. Preparing our children to enter college and to determine their career path can be a daunting task. The transition for students from high school to college really begins with the first taught lesson, the first hug, the first word and a collaborative effort; throughout a child’s lifetime we as a community pave the road to higher education. The path from secondary to post secondary education can be full of obstacles, but with the right system in place, from the beginning, a smooth transition is possible. The success rate from secondary to post secondary education is questionable based on many factors such as gender, race, economics and geography according to a Compendium Report by the U.S. Department of Education in 2009; it is clear that little progress has been made from 1972 until now. According to this study, the average completion rate for students receiving regular diplomas (excluding GED’s) in 1972 was 82.8% and in 2009 only 89.8%. It goes on to break this study down based on these factors however the bottom line is the same. There are many opinions and studies available to support a variety of conclusions but one has to first understand the difference between secondary and post secondary education. The definition of secondary education varies, from beginning in grade seven or grade nine, and continuing through grade twelve. Post secondary education refers to college and beyond. By this definition a child is engaged in secondary education from middle school until graduation of high school; I believe preparation for post secondary education begins much earlier than that. In a lecture written by...
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