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  • Published : October 8, 2008
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More colleges and universities are embarking upon the strategic –management process. Institutions are consciously and systematically identifying and evaluating external opportunities and threats facing higher education in your state and the world It is great question of concern in our country now a days that why most of the education institutions are not providing the standard which is required to be provided by them so that once an individual gets his education completed he should compete the others in his own country and out side .there are so many factors which are threatening not higher education but the education at primary level also, the nation as a whole some of the factors are discussed below ECONOMOIC FACTORS:

If we analyze, education requires a big amount of money from its first brick till the completion. In our country for the last 60 years our government is spending hardly one percent of its yearly income to the education. Where as developed countries are giving maximum attention to the education and giving eight to ten percent of its yearly budget to the education. In foreign countries instructional staffs are highly payed but in our country the lowest salaried are paid to the teachers. Most of the institutions are with insufficient accommodations .most of the classes in every institution is very big in numbers and these become difficult for a teacher to handle. Play grounds are not there. Books required for the students to consult are not available in the existing libraries. Financial hard pressed teacher cannot give full attention to the students .Students living far away from the institutions are not provided with the transport Tuition faces are in most of the institutions unaffordable for the parents .course books are very costly and most of the books are not available in the market . most of the laboratories not exist in the institutions and if these are then not equipped with the apparatus THREATS...
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