Facility Management

Topics: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Black swan theory, Sociology Pages: 5 (1526 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Sardor Uzakov The work of the International Conferences

The conference was designed to bring together two specialists in the field of facility management and students of ESERP University in a forum for discussion on contemporary facility management issues. The conference was structured into two parts. The first part was held by Professor Dr. Jan Van Dalen. Being a professor from well know and globally recognized university he has a solid theoretical knowledge of the subject supported by the experience gained from his real life practice. The main topics included the general term of facility management, Strategic Facility management challenges and the modern issues of Facility management. The second part was presented by Dr. Roel Cremer. It’s by far difficult to overestimate his contribution to our understanding of this topic. The fact that he has a background in psychology helped him to make things interesting and to turn difficult parts into intuitively understandable. In addition he made the emphasis on the topics of leadership, the necessity of changes of the current system of economic patterns; he showed us that leaders should shift from ego self-assessment to eco. His presentation was followed by quotes of oriental philosophers and he gave us the list of relevant reading and videos to widen our horizons in general and enhance our knowledge of the topic in particular. Among discussed topics one seemed particularly interesting for me. The hypothesis, that we are living in time where the classical modern system of values and views are not actual anymore, professors gave us a direction for the realization of limitations of current economic systems and recommended some reading. For instance, Theory U by Otto Scharmer was mentioned as an interesting and informative source of relevant information. According to the book the nature of current crisis is the shift of paradigms. The current institutional social structure is not able to reflect the realities of today. The modern western materialism become obsolete, the morality and dignity was substituted by pursuit for money and other material goods. Otto Scharmer thinks that the lack of factors mentioned before is the reason of terrorism, violence and hate and he proposes 2 different systems and associated with them people, that can substitute the current one.  Retro-movement activists – People who want to return back in history. Often this position is followed by the appeals to revive the old form of religion. However, not all are fundamentalists. Advocates of transformational change – inveigh against old collective behaviors and attitudes. This position proposes not to remain within the frameworks of current

practices, but to switch ourselves to practices that ensue from our everyday life, work and practice. However, Otto Scharmer believes, that there is also the third alternative – to release from our current life conception and open ourselves to new one. The proposed conception is characterized by new quality of deeper social connectivity. Later on, he pointed out that not only what leaders do and how do they do it is relevant for the success of the campaign, but also the “interior conditions”. A lot of leaders don’t take into account this factor and therefore Scharmer identified it as a “blind spot”. The author suggests learning things not on the basis of past experience, but rather on the basis of sensing of emerging future. To sum up, I would like to adduce the answers of Otto Scharmer to the fundamental question of his study - What does human being needs to connect and learn from the emerging future.  To cope with the challenges of our time, organizations and social systems need to deepen their leading and learning cycle from reacting and quick fixes to profound reinvention and change The process of activating the deeper levels of leading and learning involves three movements:(i)Observe, observe, observe; (ii)allow the inner knowing to emerge: open up and...
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