Cosmological Revolution

Topics: Scientific method, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Philosophy of science Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: October 16, 2011
Cosmological Revolution

There are three philosophers which contribute theories to the Cosmological Revolution. Each philosopher gives their own reasons as to their own theory and their explanations. These three philosophers are Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn, and Imre Lakatos. I consider there to be valuable points in each of the philosopher’s theories.

Thomas Kuhn could possibly be the best known philosopher. I agree with many of Kuhn’s theories about the history of science. Kuhn had his PhD in physics and was a professor at MIT Institute. Kuhn was interested in how certain theories that were once held true could be replaced by new theories that were different but also held to be true. I find this very fascinating myself because once I find one thing to be true I don’t necessarily want to think something completely opposite can take its place but in the world we live in there are so many new things that we learn every day. These new things just change the way we look at other things. It’s so good to keep an open mind in this aspect because when we learn new things it opens our understanding on the world as we know it. Kuhn’s Structure of Revolution is a five step process. First is any everyday science, or paradigm. A paradigm is like a solution to a problem. Next step is the anomaly. The anomaly is a problem that can’t be solved. Then, the next step is the crisis, which new ideas and methods are started to try and crack the anomaly that couldn’t be solved previously. The fourth step is the paradigm shift. During the paradigm shift, a new approach becomes successful and works. The last step is when the paradigm is published into books so that other scientists can view the material and also come up with new paradigms. Kuhn’s steps are very important to scientific research and also to improve on other scientific paradigms to keep science progressing.

Another philosopher is Karl Popper. Popper was a philosophy professor at the London School of Economics....
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