Sport Facility Management

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  • Published : December 10, 2007
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From 2001 – 2002 there was a 23% increase in the construction of sports stadiums and arenas with costs of those facilities upwards of $7.8 billion. The growing global sport industry requires that sport facility and event management keep current of new and proven management techniques. Sport Facility Management: Organizing Events and Mitigating Risks by Ammon, Jr., Southall, and Blair, provides readers with a basic introduction to elements of facility management for the full range of sporting and entertainment events. There is a high demand for individuals who are educated and trained in facility management, event organization, and risk management and since the September 11 attacks there has been a great emphasis placed on facility and risk management. Each chapter provides theoretical foundations and practical applications for each critical phase of facility management. The authors provided photographs, case studies, and industry examples to assist the reader in gaining an overall basic, picture of the sporting event and entertainment industry today. The book provides in-depth discussions about positive advances that have made the entire experience easier and more comfortable for fans; and about the negative economic and cultural consequences for sport events after September 11 2001. With the 'unknown certainty' of terrorist actions and fan behavior, it is impossible to ensure a risk-free environment at America's sporting venues. Incidents will happen and emergencies will arise. It is a matter of how one prepares, responds, and recovers to mitigate the consequences of emergencies at a sporting venue. Sport venue managers need to be aware of risk assessment methodologies to detect threats, identify vulnerabilities, and reduce consequences. Information gathered through this process is extremely valuable for preparing and enhancing security measures. This book discusses risk assessment and analysis, addresses the need for risk assessments at sporting venues. There...
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