Facebooks Impact on Teens

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Table of content:
2)What is social network
3)People on facebook
4)How do social networking sites affect the society
5)How does a social network such as facebook effect teenagers •Advantages of facebook on teenagers and friendship
Disadvantages of facebook on teenagers and their friendships 6)My survey and result
Survey questionnaire

In my project I will look at different aspects of social network, the hypothesis that I will be testing is given that the aim of facebook and other social network sites is to improve communication between friends, do teenagers actually perceive social networking sites as improving the nature of their friendship. I will first of all discuss what social network is, how is effects our society, how it effects teenagers, its advantages and disadvantages and finally my survey and results. I will use primary and secondary sources to gather information. I will also be surveying teenagers in my school and coming to the conclusion of whether social networking is unhealthy for teen friendships or vice versa. What is social network? :

Social network is different websites that allow people to interact with one another; the people are linked through social familiarity and common interests. You can befriend an acquaintance, family member, close friend, employee or just a person that you would like to know better or keep in contact with. Social networks let you share your personal information, pictures and lets you blog. The purpose of social network is to make it easier for people to communicate with one another. There are a variety of social networks these days and people can join as many as they like free of cost. The first social network was introduced in 1997 and was called six degrees.com and after that came many more social networking sites such as myspace, orkut and bebo. The latest and most used social network is facebook it was created in 2004, only Harvard students who has an Harvard.edu email address could join. By September 2005 facebook eventually started to support everyone and whoever wanted could join it. Facebook has more than 500 million users(newyork times). The diagram shows the timeline of different social networks People on Facebook ( statistics)

More than 500 million active users
50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day •Average user has 130 friends
People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

How do social networking sites affect the society:
Society is the totality of social relationships among humans( according to the American heritage dictionary) . Advantages:
Never before has there been a way for people to communicate resourcefully and instantly via internet. Social networking has changed the way people communicate. It has made the society more inter linked. People share ideas and views and form groups. Social network helps create trust and reciprocity between people,which improves community life. Social networking sites have a high social capital. Social capital is a concept that describes the benefits individuals and groups receive from their relationships with others ( American heritage dictionary) . Social networking sites also help people find jobs and even marital partners. Over the years sites such as facebook have allowed people to share information and make stronger bonds with people that live far away. Friends and families living far away from one another can stay in daily contact. It provides a place for companies to advertise new products and give information about the services that different firms offer. Having a Facebook account could be an element that stimulate successful marketing strategies because people can use these sites to advertise and get known. Businesses are allowed to connect with 500 million probable customers; you can choose...
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