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Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Language Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: March 5, 2012
1.1- Speech is vocalised language. It is usually learnt before the written language. In speech the symbols are not written or signed but are actual spoken language as sounds. Usually from the age of 6 weeks babies will make cooing sounds to show pleasure. They make these sounds as the mouth has not yet fully developed properly. From 6-9 months the baby will babble as if they are practising sounds. By 9-12 months the range of sounds that babies produce becomes more limited and reflects the sound used in the language they are hearing, at around 12 months babies repeatedly use one or more sounds which have a meaning for them. The number of sounds that children will need to learn depends on the language they are hearing. English has over 40 different sounds. Language is a set of symbols either spoken; written or signed that can be used and understood between people. Language can be quit abstract. Linguist also suggest that the main feature of a language is a series of roles that users have to understand and use, at first children cannot use the rules, toddlers begin just pointing at an object and saying one word but after a while they start to learn how to construct sentences. Language can be a sound, signal or gesture. Communication is about the way that people send signals to one another. Communication can be seen as an umbrella-term because it encompasses both language and speech and it also includes facial expressions, gestures and body language. There are a numerous reasons why people communicate e.g. to build relationships, to maintain relationships, to gain and share information, express needs and feelings and share ideas and thoughts. You can communicate face to face this is to have a conversation when both people can respond quickly, you can communicate on the phone this is usually to have a conversation with someone when they are not available to speak face to face or sign language this is what deaf people use to communicate others ways to communicate...
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