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Topics: Light, Temperature, The Child Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Explain how to promote children’s health and well-being in the early years setting

Right temperature- If it is too hot in the setting the children will get restless and argumentative, it will also make the children feel tired as they will feel warm and comfortable, But if the temperature is not hot enough the children will feel cold and mess around to warm themselves up. They also won’t want to join in the activities as they will be cold. So resolve this you could turn the temperature control up or if you cannot touch the temperature control and you want cooling down you could undo the door and let some fresh air, but you do so consider the children safety as well. Also if it too hot or too cold it will affect the children learning as they won’t be able to consent.

Rest & Sleep- If a child doesn’t get enough sleep they won’t be able to consent as well in class on a job or activity, also if a child doesn’t have enough sleep they will get ill as they won’t have enough energy to fight of any cold or illness. This will affect the child’s learning and it will also affect how they act, feel and their behaviour.

Light- If the light is too bright it can off put the children from working, also if the light isn't bright enough they will feel tired and won’t want to work or do any jobs. So if you have too much light the child or children will not want to work as they won’t be able to concentrate on what the teacher or staffs is saying, also with not having enough light it can make the children feel sleepy or even make them restless as they cannot see what they are doing. Away to resolve this is to have enough lights inside the class room, in my placement we have 6 bar lights and they are not bright but bright enough to see what activity you want to carry out.

Hygiene- You must make sure that all equipment is cleaned and makes sure that you are using products that won’t set off any child’s allergies or if a child has an infection to any chemicals .Also...
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