2.1 Describe with Examples, the Kinds of Influences That Effect Children and Peoples Development Including Backround, Health, Enviroment

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  • Published : December 24, 2012
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Culture- Children with different culture backround will be influenced by several factors. Such as religion belief,/families. E.g. childrens beliefs may course emotional comflict when they want to partisipate in some physical activities which go against their families religious beliefs. Gender-Personal conception of oneself as male/female e.g. nick at a young age started to play with girls toys instead of boys toys. With the help/support from his mum he didn’t suffer from feeling unhappy-lonely-isolated-social pressure from class mates. He received phsycological therapy to help him at a crucial time. Health- Can affect childrens emotional/intellectual development. E.g child suffers from asthma,this will affect his education/lose long periods from school/affect his ability to make friends. Environment-When there are a high number of risks. E.g vulnerability to develop delay increases. Community in which they live can affect the quality of their home environment/inability to provide/affect their childs ability to engage with school/learning. Social Class-Child/family/home learning environment affects a childs outcome. E.g early years(0-3 years) a child experiences a good home learning environment/attend a high quality pre-school/academically primary school promoting positive social/behavioural development,then a child with none of these characteristics. Family Background-There are many factors that can influence a child/young persons development marriage/breakdown/divorce. Child/young person to become socially/emotionally withdrawn. Child/young persons suffers from poor health/physical disability may restrict their development opportunities. E.g child who has a medical condition may be less able to take part in some activities than other children. This can affect physical development/restrict social activities rises in low self esteem. Finances-Growth/development are dependent on many factors with some affecting some children more than others. The impact can be...
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