Expected Patterns of Development in Children Aged 0-19 Years

Topics: Puberty, Understanding, Ethics Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Expected patterns of development in children aged 0-19 years

Age Group | Cognitive | Communication | Physical | Social, Emotional & Behavioural | Moral | 0-3 months | Recognition of the smell of her mother. Baby stops crying when she hears her mother's voice. Recognition of familiar voices. | Crying when hungry. Cooing from 5-6 weeks. Crying when distressed. | Swallowing reflex. Sucking reflex. Rooting reflex. | Smiles of contentment from 5-6 weeks. Close contact with parent/carer. Contentment with familiar persons. | Not applicable | 3-6 months | Awareness of objects. Responds to own name. Follows moving objects. | Starts to imitate sounds. Smiles frequently. Laughs when happy. | Improved head control. Plays on play mat. Begins to eat solid food. | Enjoyment at bath time. Makes eye contact. Increased awareness of there environment. | Not applicable | 6-9 months | Better awareness of the world. Ability to realise that objects out of sight still exist. Verbalised sounds that have been processed. | Begins to babble. Clapping. Lifting up of arms to indicate desire to picked up. | Onset of teething. Begins to crawl. Ability to maintain seated posture with support. | Stranger anxiety. Banging/dropping of objects to see what happens/sound it makes. Child is happy when playing with primary carer. | Not applicable | 9-12 months | Uses objects correctly i.e.: talks into a phone. Finds hidden objects. Bangs, shakes and throws objects. | Responds to 'no'. May say 'mama' or 'dada'. Babbles with inflection. | Pokes with index finger . Pulls herself to stand. Crawls forward on her stomach. | Shyness and anxiety towards strangers. Tests parental responses to her behaviour. Enjoys imitation. | Not applicable | 12-18 months | Recognition of daily routines. Increased understanding of what is happening around them. Recognises reflection in a...
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