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Topics: Writing, The Reader, Audience Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: March 20, 2013

For my writing to entertain coursework, I have decided to do an article for the newspaper Guardian. I decided to write for was their ‘Experience’ section, where people write in about an experience they have had, and what to share with the readers of the Guardian. The reason for deciding to write an article is due to the fact that I wanted to write about my experiences I have had, as it would be easier to talk about myself. My target audience adults aged from 30-50, working in the city or close, and who are financially aware individuals with a high income. This is shown with the use of the text dominating over the graphology, and the use of the typography being relatively small and featuring lengthy paragraphs. The purpose of my article is to inform the reader about the experience I have had to go through, which was about my communicational issues. The main purpose it to gain sympathy from the reader. This has been achieved with the use of multiple interrogatives, such as “Did they say that to make me feel better or did they genuinely mean it?” This would gain a sympathetic view from the reader, as I am questioning good feedback I have received from others. Also, the way that at the end of the article, it states that “I still have the same issues to what I have had over the last few years of my life.” would gain sympathy from the audience, as these experience stories normally end with a happy ending, whereas the ending to my article does not have a relatively happy ending. Sympathy is also used in one of my style models, where it says “in all my unshowered-for-three-days glory, and there he was.” The title of the article, which is “Experience I lost my voice” adds a dramatised element towards the article, as even though it is possible to lose your voice, this did not fully happen in the article. The use of the title would draw attention to the article, and make a potential reader wonder what has happened, and what to read on. Looking at a style...
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