Response to Non-Literary Material

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Response to Non-Literary Material
A Comparison of Two Newspaper Articles



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A Comparison of Two Newspaper Articles

This assignment will compare and analyse two different articles from The Sun and The Times. It will focus on the Layout, Audience, Language, Tone, Bias, Interviews, Message, and Personal Preference. The layout in The Sun is structured and broken up into two parts. The first part catches the audience on the front page, this is due to the headline being in bold, with a picture of the girl that has survived after being wounded and the subtitle underlined underneath. This is all positioned in the bottom right hand corner. It is effective as it stands out and catches the eye of the reader. The article then continues on page seven where it takes up the whole page to explain in more detail what happened. The same picture is used again, only larger, as its main picture on page seven. This same picture is also used in The Times, but on a smaller scale, and the picture that they use as their main picture, The Sun uses on a smaller scale. Both articles use the same material but have prioritised the two images differently. The Sun uses the image of the girl in large which with the headline shocks the audience and makes them feel sorry for the girl as she looks like a down to earth young woman. It makes you feel sympathy that this horrific event has happened to her and it shows that it could have happened to anyone. The Times uses the image of the house being tapped off with a police van and officer stood outside, with the headline it shows the audience reading that they have the situation under control, and makes you feel safe that they are there if a situation like this were to happen. Unlike the sun, The Times do not have this article on its front page; instead the whole piece is on page three. The layout of the article only covers about 60% of the page. It is ordered with its headline along the top of the page in a medium sized font with a large picture centred below and the text surrounding it. On the left hand side the same picture that is used in big in The Sun is used in small and positioned half way down. The Sun is structured in a way where the title is in large and positioned to the top right hand corner of the newspaper with its subtitle in a smaller font underneath, this covers about 40% of the page. ‘Newspaper readers begin their reading by following the banner headline across the page and continuing down the right-hand side of the page’ (, ND). Below there are three pictures, the main one is centred at the lower bottom of the page and next it that on the right there are two half its size. The layout of The Times overall is very simple and basic, where as The Sun is very bold and dramatic, and its layout is very eye catching to the reader. The Sun because of its dramatic wording and layout is aimed more towards 18-30 year olds; these are generally working and lower class people who are interested in knowing the current affairs that are going on around them. While The Times is simple but to the point, it targets its audience towards more intellectual people who are aged 25+ and who also wish to stay up to date with news and current affairs. The NMA readership confirms this as 15-24 year olds are in the 200,000s and the 25+ year olds readerships are up in the 300,000s and 400,000s. In addition The Times is aimed more towards a higher class as the additional advertisement on the page is for Tiffany & Co. ‘Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been the world's premier jeweler and America's house of design’ (Tiffany & Co.2012). Whereas on The Sun it advertises £6 off at Tesco. ‘We are over 500,000...
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