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  • Published : February 23, 2012
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Article critique
Bogeyman syndrome

The topic that I chose to read is the “Bogyman Syndrome”, which seems to be very common in today’s society. Bogyman syndrome is basically a fear that parents have from allowing their children the freedom they themselves enjoyed when they were young. This type of fear that parents have is what separates their child from the full benefits of nature and from having a healthy normal childhood. Many of the reason to why parents experience such fear is because in the type of society we live in, which is full of crime, drugs, violence and of course kidnappers. What many people don’t realize is that many of these things are feared because of the way the media presents it.

This article should be an eye opener to many parents and to future parents. Allowing things that parents fear the most, and stopping their children from having that life they once had, Is possibly the worst thing to do to a child not only physically but also mentally. When parents constantly tell their children that going outside by themselves is dangerous because strangers will snatch them, it creates a life time fear for the child, which wont allow them to experience life to their full potential, but they will experience it with fear. The number one feared thing by parents is that their child maybe kidnapped, so many parents don’t allow them to go outside for very long or without supervision. The real truth according to my article “The bogeyman syndrome redux”, is that many of today’s abductions are from family members or even the parents themselves. Media tends to over exaggerate kidnappings, which then creates more fear for parents and children. Of course we do live in a changed society and many dangers can happen outside while your child is playing. Real dangers do exists in nature, but the threat is greatly exaggerated by the media, reality is different. Even movies tend to tap into peoples fears, and then they relate it back to reality. When parents keep...
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