Commentary on Entertaining Piece. English Language.

Topics: Person, Writing, Recipe Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: January 22, 2013
 decided to write a piece on the subject of cooking in order to entertain my audience, but I didn't want to just entertain the reader by including some jokes, I wanted my piece to have a twist so I decided to write a piece which had an unusual recipe. Of course it was not meant to be actually carried out, only to point fun at the subject. I decided to write this subject as I have an interest in the subject of cooking, and what I find is that most people are put off cooking because they believe it to be boring. But a chef named "Jamie Oliver" is bringing interest back into the area of cooking. So with his popularity with people of my age, I decided to write a twisted recipe in the style of Jamie Oliver. But I was not only writing in the style of Jamie Oliver, I was also poking fun at his phrases and style of cooking which people of my age will know as they will have seen him on the television cooking. This is what I based my research on, picking up well known phrases that he uses, as well as his style of cooking, basically, things he does while cooking, that when pointed out or poked fun at, will be noticed by my audience. Because of this, I believe that the audience will find it interesting to read. I wrote this piece with the idea that if it was to be published, it would done for a charity, such as comic relief.. As this idea for the piece is the kind of ideas that the charity comes up with. Its surreal and unbelievable, and it's not the kind of thing that a normal civilian would do. So this piece would be part of a promotion to raise money, like a charity recipe book, with titles such as "Revolting Recipes".The first section which was the making of the meal, was split up into 6 paragraphs, followed after by a paragraph which was after the cooking and the preparing of the meal. The first part of the preparation was headed "The Terrier" and then the next section was headed "The Bark and Oak Leaves" and the last section is headed with the title "An hour later",...
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