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____________ of ____________ and ____________ on ____________ in Daphnia.

(Length: not more than two pages of text in 12-point font, double-spaced; plus one page each for Table 1 and Figure 1.) Introduction:
• Provide a few sentences of background information on the effects of these two drugs on heart rate in Daphnia or other animals (including humans). Cite the source(s) of your information, such as (Castle and Paulson 2010) for your laboratory manual. Also include the appropriate sources from your internet search. (See “Literature Cited” below.) • State the purpose of the experiment and your hypotheses. Methods:

State that the procedure was based on our lab manual (Castle and Paulson 2010) except that • the first heart rate in stream water from Burd Run, Shippensburg University Campus – this was the control solution, the solvent for the drugs; • the second heart rate in one of five treatments: caffeine (0.5%, 1.0%), ethanol (0.5%, 1.0%), or stream water. Also mention --

• Microsoft Excel was used to produce Table 1, Figure 1 and to conduct the statistics; • One-tailed paired t-tests were used to compare the drugs to the control (the stream water). Results:
Give a qualitative (word) summary of the results. Provide the numbers and describe the direction in which the different drugs and their concentrations affected the heart rate. Cite the data as (Table 1, Fig. 1). ( -- First discuss our results from the samples: the particular Daphnia specimens that we used.) • Do the treatments have similar ranges? (See Fig. 1, or examine (max. - min.). • Compare the “percent effect” values of the experimental treatments: • Which treatments had a positive or negative effect relative to their control? • Which treatment had the strongest effect (by absolute value)? -- the weakest effect? • Did the 1% solution of each drug have a stronger effect than the 0.5% solution? • Did the post treatment of stream water affect the heart rate? ( --...
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