Evaluating Teachers

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Daniel De Jesus

EDA 551

Grand Canyon University

March 23, 2011

ii) Responding to Parent’s Letter
(1) Formal Response
123 Lincoln Ave
Orange, NJ 07050
October 26, 2010
Mrs. Robertson
250 Central Ave
Orange, NJ 07050

Dear Mrs. Robertson:
I write this letter to completely reassure you that we are taking the concerns you brought up with the utmost seriousness that they deserve. As a matter of fact, we have investigated the matter the last couple of days to ascertain the facts and events of what happened in Ms. Paulson’s Computer Technology Class on Monday during the third period. There were 27 students present that day alongside Ms. Paulson, and we have conducted interviews with some of them individually in order to get to the bottom of this issue. While it is certain that it was one of the students who momentarily put the pictures in question on the projector, it is also without a doubt our goal to never have to expose our students to any such material; and the adults in our staff certainly are expected to uphold their responsibility of keeping a safe environment for every child under our care, be it from harm of a physical or mental nature. Due to all of these facts, we have taken immediate steps and informed Ms. Paulson of possible short-term to long-term disciplinary actions, pending a more thorough investigation. In the meantime, we will be employing a substitute for her class assignments until we can determine that the safety from questionable imagery for each and every one of our students is guaranteed. We always appreciate the parents’ input into all matters concerning our students; and while this is type of issue we don’t wish to see happening, we certainly are open to any further concerns regarding your child’s educational well-being. Sincerely,

Daniel DeJesus

Lincoln Avenue Middle School Principal
(2) Rationale
First of all, Ms. Paully Paulson is a new technology teacher who has not been on the job for an extended period of time and therefore has no tenure. At the same time, she deserves to get to present her side of the story. The issues brought up by Ms. Robertson as a very concerned parent cannot simply be ignored because a child exposed to images of a pornographic nature while on school property is a very serious issue. Parents need to be reassured, as all parents should, that the school officials and staff are doing their utmost to ensure something like this never happens again. It has been observed in the past that Ms. Paulson needs improvement when it comes to classroom management and supervision of students, two key aspects that are pivotal to the issue at hand. As a principal who has dropped in a couple of times to see how she has been handling her teaching duties, it is my responsibility to inform her of these concerns and to make sure there's substantial improvement on this matter. At the same time, after having studied software security concerns nature, it appears that sometimes these types of images “pop up” on sites that have nothing to do with pornography in the first place. Therefore, part of the actions we have to take to prevent any similar incidents from happening again is to make sure we have up to date pop up blocker and other software preventing questionable websites (even those of a non-pornographic nature) from being allowed to open in school computers. Due to the immediacy of what has occurred and the fact that this is quite a serious manner, it was clearly necessary to take swift and strong action to reassure the parent that her concerns were being heeded and tended to. iii) Developing Plan of Action

Plan of Action
First of all as an act designed to create confidence among parents regarding the safety of the students' classroom environment, it is important to have Ms. Paully Paulson away from her Computer Technology Class setting for the...
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