Euthymol Toothpaste

Topics: Johnson & Johnson, Robert Wood Johnson I, Brands of toothpaste Pages: 4 (1036 words) Published: November 19, 2012
In this marketing report, I will analyse our product which call Euthymol toothpaste. Firstly, I am going to describe the background of Johnson and Johnson, Euthymol toothpaste is distributed by this company. After that, I will talk about how we did the survey about this product. Then I am going to focus on the product and analyse it by using secondary research and survey results, it includes product, price, place and promotion. Finally, I will give some suggestions to this product.

Euthymol toothpaste was marked by Warner-Lambert, but now it is distributed by Johnson and Johnson. J&J is an American public company. It was founded in 1886, there are three founders, they are Rober Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson. The initiative of this company is to encourage people to live healthy and helping the people who care about health, and it has widest health care product in the world.

Euthymol toothpaste is an old brand toothpaste, it has strong taste and bright pink color. Most of the consumers are the older people and people who are in the army. On the other hand, there are many people do not like this toothpaste because its taste too strong or other reasons such as the color and the packaging of this toothpaste.

In my group, there were three people, Aliyu, Yuko and me. We did the survey of Euthymol toothpaste at Middlesex University, Hendon central and Cricklewood lane on 24 November. We have asked 30 people for answering the questionnaire, but 27 people answered it. There are 16 male respondents and 11female respondents. They came from 7 different countries, such as the UK, Japan, China, Canada and so on.

Results and Analysis of Marketing Mix:
We have done a survey of Euthymol toothpaste and some research on the internet. Now I am going to analyse Euthymol toothpaste by using the results and information of our secondary research from the internet. It includes product, price, place and...
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