Market Trends of Haematinics

Topics: Marketing, Doctor, Marketing plan Pages: 9 (2590 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Project title- To study availability, sales and prescription trends of different haematinics. Location of market research- Kanpur(U.P.)
Duration- 26 days.
My role-my role in the project was to carry out market research and collect the responses from different areas,then compile all the data and analyse the collective responses of the whole sample.on the basis of analysis and inferences of data collected we arrived on conclusion and key findings of the whole project. Method development- the method used for survey was face to face interview and questionnaire filling of doctors as well as chemist.This method is best suited for this project. Sample size- project sample size was 100 specialist doctors and 150 potential chemists. Sampling method- simple random sampling.

Usefulness of the project- this project is very useful to find out the availability and sales trend of different haematinic brands available in the market so that we can fill gaps in our marketing strategy in order to capture more market also gives an idea about clustered marketing approach of different follower brands. The project data also gives an idea about the important parameters which makes a doctor prescribe a particular heamatinic,so we can focus largely on those factors. Current status- According to my research collective average per week sales of competitor brand Dexorange is slightly higher than of the Hepatoglobine in Kanpur and some other brands are also getting significant sales in certain areas. Market potential – If we talk about some key areas of Kanpur ,then there is significantly better opportunity to gain some market share,by concentrating more on those areas where some reputed gynaecologists alongwith large number of female patients are potential is very good due to a large population. SUMMARY

The summer project assigned to me was on both retailers and doctors level. In project work at retailers front I studied sales and availability of different haematinic brands with special reference to hepatoglobine and dexorange.for this purpose of study I surveyed and took responses of 150 retailers located at different parts of Kanpur (u.p.).i tried to focus on the reputed and prominent chemist shops.In my retailer’s study I found that availability of hepatoglobine and dexorange are nearly equal at almost every chemist shop.sales trends of hepatoglobine and dexorange varies retailer to retailer and area to some areas the sales of both the products are almost equal but in some areas hepatoglobine occupies the second place in terms of unit sales.there are certain areas where hepatoglobine is a clear leader.there is a close fight for the third place between hemfer,r.b.tone,but in overall sales r.b.tone is getting ahead from hemfer and haemup is not getting any significant sales.retailers denied to give any kind of information related to promotional schemes and offers provided by other companies. In project work at doctors front I studied the prescription trends of haematinics by meeting 100 specialist doctors(mainly gynaecologists)located at some of the key areas of kanpur.out of certain parameters of drug choice most important factor was price of the drug then availability,efficacy,safety,brand(company) almost all the cases haematinics is prescribed for Iron deficiency anaemia,during and after some cases doctors prescribe haematinics for general weakness also.when we look at the preferred form then it differs according to doctors speciality,as gynaecologists and paediatricians widely prefer liquid form,while other specialists prefer tablets or capsules. Another work assigned to was the study of marketing strategy of mankind pharma.according to my research about company the key marketing strategy is “niche marketing” adopted by the company.they are targeting smaller areas where major pharma companies are not focusing.they are conducting extensive and...
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