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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Case study
1.Short-term HRM strategy mean.200
The nature of HRM strategy is putting a policy in place for each HR functions. HR Strategy is aligning the goals of HR and to the goals or strategy of the organization. Recruitment, retention, HRD, salary management and termination are all a small part of it. According to the case information above and based on Porter’s classification, the business strategy of Hartely electronic Ltd is very likely fellow the “focus” type, which relies upon either differentiation or low-cost leadership to supply a product or service to niche market on different area of business. Thomason concludes that different HR strategies were necessary for different circumstances and server different business strategies and he further provides four types of HR strategies. Apparently, on the basis of Thomason’s classifications, a development strategy for employee flexibility and a partner strategy for employee commitment are meet the some part of CEO’s HR principles respectively. It implies that facing the modern niche markets, the former strategy focus on obtaining labour by developing internal labour markets, using appropriate training and development strategies to provide capable workers and enhance the competitive advantage. Correspondingly, the latter HR strategy relies on differentiation strategy, which means labour supply is obtained by using a partnership strategy aimed at employee commitment. This requires problem solving and creative skills such as new form of teamworking on project and new means of communication in the workforce. As the increasing HR demands for different levels of business around the world and variant target customers, the integration of both strategies is more theoretically fit the company’s present condition. 2. issues of vertical and horizontal integration be .200

Vertical and horizontal integration are key concepts in understanding strategic HRM. Vertical integration refers to the links between HR...
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