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Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Indonesia, Graffiti Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: April 12, 2013
How to make Indonesia a better country
Indonesia is one of the most beautiful and wealthiest countries on the planet. Despite this fact, Indonesia has been facing heavy difficulties for the past years and would need to implement some of what more successful countries have done, to improve what the eagle is weak in. Being a fairly famous country, it has attracted many different foreigners from all over the world to stop by and visit its lovely places. However, due to some of its weaknesses in its country, it has downgraded the impression taken from many potential foreigners; Some of its weaknesses frequently seen and heard worldwide through the news, would be of its massive in number and constant floods, of which could be reflected by the recent news of a flood that happened in its capital, Jakarta.    

Recently on January, Jakarta was faced with a bad flood that was proved to be caused by the inability of the fifty canals placed all around Jakarta to divert excess water from the rain efficiently. This tragedy may have caused visitors that stopped by for a vacation during that duration of time to have had a traumatic experience that is ready to be shared among their fellow mates. To ease and contradict this traumatic setback, suggestion and opinions voiced that there should be more canals built, such as those built by the Dutch in the past, to help efficiently divert excess water to other rivers and lakes so as to not cause future flooding. ​Another can of worms would be the abundant amount of wickedly artistic and creative vandalism drawn by “criminal artists” who actually possess a great talent not easily found around. These spray-paint art can be seen on walls after walls, along the street in almost all places in Indonesia. What interests other people is that these “crimes” are breathtaking and innovative and yet they are not given a place to showcase their talents because they are unaccepted and judged by people of a higher class. So many people roam...
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