Typhoon Sendong in Iligan City

Topics: County, Local government, Government Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Typhoon Sendong in Iligan

Sendong, the worst typhoon to happen in the city of Iligan, is well-known in the country for its cause of destruction in Iligan. The flood cost many people to die, destroy structures and properties. With its effect, the city government of Iligan faces a new impediment of its society. When the typhoon hits Iligan, hundreds of lives were slayed in no exemption. It killed men, women, children and even a whole family was vanished. Students together with their dreams for a brighter future were also affected after seeing their parent died and was orphaned. Typhoon Sendong changed many lives, from pleasant to miserable with their lives in a worst scenario. According to some people who survived the said catastrophe, it is easy to accept the fact that it is much better that they have died instead of living without anything; food, shelter, finance, plus a hard to forget emotional suffering. Lots of structures and public properties were destroyed, including school facilities such as; books, computers and even school fences were also destroyed. Bridges collapsed, houses were wrecked, and river banks were also destroyed in just an hour of a strong current of flood-water. All had gone and nothing was left. The effect of the typhoon led’s to additional problems of the local government. Big amount of money is needed to aid the problems of the survivors that relays’ most to the government for some relief goods. Aside from financial and relief budget, problems in tourism was also felt. As we could see the problems brought to us by the flood, had left many lives to vanished, houses that were wrecked bridges that collapsed, financial and problems in tourism, we could no longer deny the fact that it is so hard to get over from the tragic event. And instead of doing nothing, we need to help each other, cooperation counts most and the need to work hand-in-hand for Iligan City to rise again and overcome the problems. We must keep on holding on, and be...
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