A Classification Essay on Campus Fashion

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  • Published : April 24, 2012
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Classification Essay: Campus Fashion
Mathany Ahmed – 0305601

Every morning, thousands of groggy students make their way to their bedroom closets and ask themselves the same thing: “What am I going to wear today?” The question itself is simple, but as we all know, first impressions mean everything in this world and that makes finding the answer a bit difficult sometimes. The result is a campus full of (hopefully) fully-dressed students that can be divided into three distinct styles; the over-dresser, the casual dresser, and the anti-dresser, that can help tell us more about the kind of students we have here at Taylor’s. The most noticeable one is the over-dresser, and that’s precisely the way they expect it to be. You’ll recognize this student right away, rocking clothes that look as if they came straight off the runway. That girl in your math class who never wears heels lower than 4-inches or that guy you saw in the cafeteria wearing a Giorgio Armani suit would fit into this category well. With these guys, it’s all about looking their best at any given moment and keeping all eyes on them, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, we must be wary of the over-dressers who let the attention get to their heads and start believing they’re better than the rest of us more lowly dressers. On the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, we can find the anti-dresser. This student will come to school in pajama pants, a torn t-shirt and a pair of sneakers with mismatched and questionably stained socks. Some kids sporting this look may have just been running a bit late or were feeling a little lazy that morning, while the others are making an almost political statement: that they don’t care what the rest of us think of them and refuse to conform to the norms. They’re not trying to impress anybody with their look and instead look for other ways to garner some attention – either through academics, athletics or social situations. Somewhere in the middle, we’ll find the...
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