Essay Referencing Task

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Essay Referencing Task – Instructions and Marking Criteria

Due Date: In class in Week 13.

The Essay Referencing Task (Referencing and Academic Integrity Project – Task No. 3) requires the presentation of the reference list (in complete or abridged form) of the student’s final essay. The reference list must contain correct and complete citations and be formatted correctly as per the conventions of the referencing/documentation style nominated by the tutor.

The reference list submitted for this assessment must meet the following criteria: * The reference list must include 4 sources (only).

* The 4 sources must include:
* 1 academic book reference
* 1 journal article reference (hard copy or electronic) * any 2 other references of the student’s choice

* All sources presented in the reference list must have contributed substantively towards the final essay, and must appear in the reference list for the final essay. Sources found not to have been included in the reference list for the final essay or which have been included as “padding” will be deemed inadmissible for this task. (The presentation of such sources for “padding” will have an impact on the student’s essay mark also.) * The reference list must meet the conventions of the nominated referencing style. This includes correct: * Layout of page as per the conventions of the nominated documentation style * Organisation of entries

* Title
* Presentation of individual entries in the reference list

Marks will be deducted if these criteria are not met.

Note: The reference list submitted for this assessment may differ from that submitted for the final essay in that the reference list for the final essay may contain more references.

Tip: It is good essay-writing practice to complete the reference list before you begin writing your essay. Compile the reference list for your essay as you ready your research material and use that as the...
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