Effects of Mass Media Worksheet

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Appendix E

Strategies for Gathering and Evaluating Sources
Evaluate three sources for your final project by filling in the information below. Your responses here will provide the information you need to complete the annotated bibliography for your Week Three assignment.

Source 1

Source Information|
Dr Shahin Etebar Desert Neurology |

Questions to Consider| Answers (one sentence each should suffice)| Is the author affiliated with an organization related to the subject of the article? (Does he or she have an ulterior motive?)| No this person is not related to an organization of the subject and does not have an ulterior motive. | What is the author’s experience with the subject, including related academic or professional credentials? (Is he or she qualified to interpret and explain the complexities of the subject?)| Dr Etebar is the owner of Desert Neurology. He specializes in Autism especially children suffering from the disease. He has a child of his own with the disease. | Does this article report on information experienced by the author, or is it a summary or retelling of information from other sources? (How close is the author to the actual information?)| This person is a direct source of information based on personal experience of trials and tribulations. | Is the information current? When was the information published or last updated? (Might there be resources with more current information?)| I interviewed Dr. Etebar last week so the information will be very current. | In general, does the information in the source article match with information found in other sources, or is it different or unique? (Can this information be confirmed by more sources than just this one?)| This information will be from direct experiences the doctor has had treating his child and others with Autism. The information is unique in that it is personal trials and tribulations. | Does the source make any claims without...
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