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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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I don’t need to watch TV; my children are more entertaining. Let me introduce you to my children. Devon is my oldest; he’s 20. Darrian is the only girl; she’s 11. Then there’s Jaiden age eight and Christian, age five. As you can see by their ages, my house is a very entertaining place. Let’s start with Devon. He’s 20 years old with no direction in life. He doesn’t want to work unless it’s at Game Stop. He stays up all night playing Halo and Call of Duty on Xbox 360. His only friends are his fellow gaming slackers on Xbox live. The games are so exciting to him that if you didn’t know any better you would think Seal team 6 lives at my house. Darrian is the only girl. She is far more responsible than her older brother. She’s my public affairs officer because I know everything that happens at home because of her. If the boys are doing something wrong she immediately text me to let me know. The boys call her “The Snitch”. Jaiden, also known as Rip Van winkle has been sleeping in school since pre-K. Last year his 2nd grade class had a performance in the cafeteria. Jaiden was present for the first performance but not the second. Before the second performance he fell asleep back stage. The music teacher couldn’t wake him up so they left him backstage to sleep. The show must go on! This summer I have spent countless hours taking him for testing to determine if he has a sleep disorder. The results of the tests are pending. Last but not least, there’s Christian my baby boy. Christian is growing up so fast. It seems like he’s never been a baby. He’s very outspoken. I’m a single mom so he’s always asking “mommy, where’s your husband?”. When I tell him that I don’t have one, the questions start. On a daily basis I get questions ranging from my marital status to why don’t girls have pee pees. As you can see a TV is not needed in my house because I gave birth to my entertainment.
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