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Topics: World's Strongest Man, The Chronicles of Narnia, Heaven Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The Many Images of Death
Ryan Smith
Box #: 2134
HUM 103
Dr. Frazier
Option Two

Death can be one of the most deep and difficult topics to discuss, especially for writers without trying to disturb most of their readers. It is something most people do not want to imagine in their minds because it brings fear into their hearts. Also, it is something we hate to see others experience it and something we never in our wild dreams want to experience when it is our time. Through the several books I have read, each writer has a different mindset on death and each one has absorbed into the readers mind.

Without deep thoughts, there is a lot more to death then what one person might see. When an individual dies, they are not entombed in their burial forever. They are resurrected through Christ, which also means a chance of revival. The book “The Last Battle” shows a good representation of the entombment and the resurrection between Aslan and the others. Some people can sense death coming their way and overpower the fear so much that nothing else matters because of how much fear of death is on their minds. This is most accurate to the book “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”. Lastly, some some will live their life the best way they can as they see death in front of their eyes. Ivan Denisovich is one of the people that had that experience, according to the book “One Day in the Life Ivan Denisovich”. One of the most important scenes of the story involved resurrection. At the end of the story, Aslan appears in front of Queen Lucy and the dwarfs as he was asked by Lucy to help the dwarfs see and understand life to the fullest. “You see, the dwarfs will not let us help them. They have chosen cunning over belief,” Aslan explains after trying to help them out (185 The Last Battle). This is the exact definition of entombment. The dwarfs were trying to outsmart others and solve things out and got so caught up that they forgot what was really important in life. It is

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