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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Second Deerwalk Essay Competition 2013
The essay topics for the “Second Deerwalk Essay Competition 2013” have been finalized as follows. 1. Apple uses a proprietary OS (IOS) for the iPhone while competing companies like Samsung use an open source OS. Which do you think is better and why? In the past decade, we have seen iPhone become a global brand. They use their own proprietary OS called IOS. Off late the iconic IPhone is facing a serious competition from company like Samsung which uses open source OS. Which do you think is serving the best? 2. Imagine that you are a product manager at Facebook. What sorts of features would you want to develop? Facebook is something you have now been using for quite some time. What features have you really been excited with? Assuming you are a product manager of the team, what other features would you be adding to it? 3. Explain how IT can make a difference at both the individual and macroeconomic level. At present and during your school days, you must have heard and been hearing quite a lot about how IT can make a difference, at a personal level to macroeconomic level? Tell us how is that possible from whatever understanding you have of IT thus far? 4. Which IT related subject would you really want to excel in and why? As we all know Software development is a very wide discipline where you can do lot of things. You can write programs that enable to automate lot of manual systems; you can create designs to make the websites really attractive or you can be a developer of games. Simply put, there is no limitation to what you can do in the field of software development. So, please let us know which particular aspect of software development really excites you so much that given the opportunity you would take up the course in future years. 5. Describe three mobile applications that have impressed you. Why? Name three popular mobile applications you have been really impressed with and why? You can only select one application from...
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