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  • Published: June 16, 2013
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Research Worksheet   Part A   Delores Wilson   Step One: Problem Statement and Keywords   Begin with your problem statement from u02d2. Because Government and Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for drug prices, these agencies have the responsibility to address cost that directly affects consumers. Government and Pharmaceutical companies’ involvement plays an important role in cost of prescription drugs. When attempting to lower cost, the consumer and these agencies are the most affected by this situation. Rising prescription drug cost directly affect consumers, while government and pharmaceutical companies ignore this issue.   Using your problem statement to guide your research, identify descriptive keywords to use for your search.     [Prescription drug costs Rising drug cost for consumers Responsibility for drug costs]     Step Two: Library Search       Library Source #1   Gale Virtual Reference Library   Your keywords for this search:     [Prescription drug cost Consumer drug cost ]     Persistent Link provided in the database:       Title of the article:    Data and Knowledge     Author(s) of the article:    Roy Rada       Date of the article:   2008         Citation from the library search: "Data and Knowledge." Information Systems and Healthcare Enterprises. Roy Rada. Hershey, PA: IGI Publishing, 2008. 107-142. Gale Virtual Reference Library. [Write your citation here]     Explain the resource’s reliability:   Roy Rada is a professor of information systems at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Previously, he was a Boeing distinguished professor of software engineering at Washington State University, editor of Index Medicus at the National Library of Medicine, and professor of computer science at the University of Liverpool. Rada has worked as a consultant on computer-supported diagnosis in pathology and radiology, led a team developing medical informatics standards, developed online training material for doctors, and consulted with insurance companies and hospital networks about compliance with government regulations related to information systems. Radas educational credentials include a PhD in computer science from the University of Illinois, an MD from Baylor College of Medicine, and a BA from Yale University. He has authored hundreds of scientific papers. His first journal article appeared in Computers and Biomedical Research (1979) and described a novel coding system for medical problem statements.    Pharmacy cost will continue to rise if pharmacuitical companies and government continue to seek the best interest of themselves. The outllok of pharmacy cost in 2012 and 2020 continue to rise to great heights. Prescription drug prices in the United States are the highest in the world. "The prices Americans pay for prescription drugs, which are far higher than those paid by citizens of any other developed country, help explain why the pharmaceutical industry is — and has been for years — the most profitable of all businesses in the U.S(Rada,2008). In the annual Fortune 500 survey, the pharmaceutical industry topped the list of the most profitable industries, with a return of 17% on revenue."[1] However, national expenditures on pharmaceuticals accounted for only 12.9% of total health care costs, compared to an OECD average of 17.7% (2003 figures).[2] The high price of prescription drugs is one of the major areas of discussion in the U.S. health care reform debate (Rada).  “Pharmaceutical companies argue that the prices they set are necessary in order to continue to fund research” (p.79). “Only 11% of drug candidates that enter clinical trials are successful and receive approval for sale (p.187).” Critics of pharmaceutical companies point out that only a small portion of the drug companies' expenditures are used for research and development, with the majority of their...
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