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Is English Important for Engineering Students?
In this last blog entry, I am going to comment on the issue of whether English language competence is a significant aspect of an engineering student’s academic life and prospective career. I find the discussion of this issue is of great relevance to me as it allows me to see the importance of this course EG1471 in preparing me for my future engineering career. 

English language is an important language during my undergraduate study in NUS because it is the main mode of communication used and most of the teaching contents are presented in English. Hence, I would face great difficulty in understanding certain concepts explained in English if I do not possess the necessary English proficiency level. This is probably the reason why NUS makes it compulsory for those engineering students who do not possess the necessary English proficiency level to undergo the module EG1471 so as to prepare them better for their engineering curriculum. 

After graduation, English language is also an important language because it is the official language used in the workplace. For instance, when we apply a job through job interview, it is essential that in the job interview, we can express ourselves properly and efficiently in English within the very limited amount of time available in front of the interviewer so as to secure the job. It is also important to note that even if we possess the necessary technical knowledge for the job but cannot convey our ideas clearly to our higher management, our ideas might not be understood clearly by other people.

In addition, the criteria to be a successful engineer do not only depend on the ability to perform calculations or experiments, but also the ability to present an idea convincingly. An engineer may perform the most miraculous experiment in the laboratory but if he fails to present his discoveries in a language that can be easily understood by other people, it would be very difficult...
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