Challenges of Writing Good English

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1.Sometimes we miss to focus on many tiny but important issues of our life. This subject heading reminds me of one of those many in my life. It reminds me of the most aged challenge in my life that I took without even realizing how I am going to meet it. So many challenges have been attained in this life. Yet, the challenge of writing good English could not be achieved fully. The whole challenge is now at a stage of ‘The challenges in writing English’. 2.English, being an international language, is of great importance. It is the only media to communicate people around the world and to attain higher education, as most of the literatures are in English. As it is the only language to be used in Defence Services Command and Staff College, the challenges have submerged again in my mind. And this time, no spare. 3.Keeping in mind my limitations and also being briefed by my predecessors, just after getting the selection letter I was alerted. Due to busy life in unit I could not sit with any grammar book, but I used to read the official letters in English more carefully and write them with due caution. I started consulting dictionaries to get the correct word with correct spelling. By the way, I forgot to mention my challenges in writing good English, which are: a.Careless spelling mistake is the first and foremost challenge that I have. I remember, during my cadet college life my father used to mark all the spelling mistakes in my letter and used to show those when I came home on leave. Till today it happens even in my most attentive writing. It is not that I do not know the spelling, but I know and make the mistake. That is why probably the very name is ‘Careless mistake’.

b.Limited vocabulary stands second in my challenge list. I have a very limited stock of English word and expression. The problem is that, I never felt the urge of improving it. As my limited knowledge on English words was going fine with my day to day...
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