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Dr. Filemon C. Aguilar Memorial College Of Las Piñas

Business Plan
Presented to the Faculty of the

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
of the Subject  EN 4 ( Business Communication with Technical Writing)

Prepared By:

Aguilar, Alvin
Augusto, Sarah Jane
Benzon, Jan Brae
Calayag, Carlomagno
Casitas, Alessandra Mari
Cuevas, Jennifer
Diaz, Rahani Sheen
Ilao, Janina Clarisse
Penos, Almeda
Trinidad, Jason
Toñacao, Danica

February  2013

Dr. Filemon C. Aguilar Memorial College Of Las Piñas


This Business Plan entitled:

Pantasia Company

Prepared  and submitted by the proponents: , Alvin Aguilar , Sarah Jane Augusto, Jan Brae Benzon, Carlomagno Calayag, Alessandra Mari Casitas, Jennifer Cuevas, Rahani Sheen Diaz, Janina Clarisse Ilao, Almeda Penos, Danica Toñacao and Jason Trinidad

has been approved and accepted as partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course EN4 (Business Communication with Technical Writing).

Subject Instructor


Approved by the Committee on Oral Examination with the grade of __________.

_____________________________                                       ____________________________ Member (Company A)                                                     Member (Company B)

_____________________________                                                  _____________________________          Member (Company C)                                                          Member (Company D)  

___(Organizer/Forum Manager)_____

J.Aguilar Ave. Talon 1Las Piñas City
Fax#: (964) 761-73-84 Tel#: (871) 872-68-74

Name of the Firm

  The company name Pantasia Company  which came from the word pan which means truth, knowledge or wisdom and sophia which means love. It was the brilliant concept of one of the proponents’ adviser, Prof. Jennette Julian Lozano of Pamantasan Ng Lungsod ng Maynila.  

            The name itself signifies the heart of the learning center which is the inculcation of the love for self development by engaging one’s self to educational activities.  
Location of the Firm
Pantasia Company  is located at J.Aguilar Ave. Talon 1 Las Piñas City  
           The said location is very advantageous because most of the people felt comfortable in going to the main office so easily.

Brief Description of the Project
* The company stated “We Bake Memories of Fantasies”

* The company provides bread and pie for the customers in a fancy way of selling those products.

* The company is always open for suggestion and adjustments for the customers.

* The company teaches employees in such evaluated advices.

* The company shall provide the highest quality product with personal customer services.

* The company has competitive pricing.


J.Aguilar Ave. Talon 1Las Piñas City
Fax#: (964) 761-73-84 Tel#: (871) 872-68-74

Brief History of the Business
          It all started during Carlomagno Calayag’s childhood. When he was four (4) years old, his grandmother always served him an afternoon snacks which is bread. As he tasted the bread, he gently imagined how certainly delight the taste of the breads. He commented to her grandmother optimistic. His grandmother thanked him that she said that she served bread with full of love and passion. He was impressed in her sayings that he asked her to teach him how to bake a bread. In a moment, she passionately agreed him. In the age of seven (7), he dreamed of having own business he called it PANtasy Company. He asked his mother that why his grandmother did not came to their house frequently. His mother explained his grandmother went to another country due to her urgent meeting in her company. He felt...
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