Kudler Fine Foods, Choosing the Right Medium

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Choosing the Right Medium

Learning Team C


August 2, 2010

University of Phoenix

Kudler Fine Foods has decided to upgrade the cash registers in three stores. The new registers are scheduled for installation in six weeks, and various members of the cashier, management team and computer support specialists will require training on the proper use of the new equipment. Five methods are under review for training implementation; oral presentation, written report, video, e-mail, and website training. This paper will focus on the training mediums available and determine the merit of each medium based on cost, effect, message, audience, purpose, and reach.

Oral Presentation

The initial oral presentation medium used for training will be conducted by the vendor of the NCR RealPOS 30 terminals. The vendor will provide an oral presentation to the Kudler trainer, and the Kudler trainer will present the material to the other employees who require training. The oral presentations from the vendor will conduct hands-on use of the terminals to the Kudler trainer. This specific training allows the Kudler trainer to become proficient in the use of the equipment and more effective in their training delivery, as it is the Kudler trainer who will oversee the employee training in the use of the terminals. The oral presentations are effective because of the hands-on experience that the personnel will receive. With the trainer from Kudler meeting with the vendor, the cost of the oral presentations will be minimal. The cost of the oral presentations will be the time required for the Kudler trainer to train the other Kudler employees. The training from the Kudler trainer will occur before or after work so that the employees will not be distracted by daily activities. Written Report

A critical driver in determining communication mediums within a business environment is the purpose for the communication. The purpose for written reports can be...
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