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101 / X / SA2 / 22 / B1
Class - X


Time : 3 hours

Maximum Marks : 80
Total No. of Pages : 9

The Question Paper is divided into four sections :

Section A :


20 Marks

Section B :


20 Marks

Section C :


20 Marks

Section D :


20 Marks

General Instructions :


All questions are compulsory.


You may attempt any section at a time.


All questions of a particular section must be attempted in the correct order.


(Reading - 20 Marks)

Read the poem given below.


All are architects of fate.
Working in these walls of Time;
Some with massive deed and great,
Some with ornaments of rhyme.
For the structure that we raise,
Time is with material filled;
Our todays and yesterdays,
Are the blocks with which we build.
Truly shape and fashion these;
Leave no yawning gaps between;
Think not, because no man sees,
Such things will remain unseen.
Build today, then, strong and sure,
With a firm and ample base;
And ascending and secure
Shall tomorrow find its place.
Given below is the summary of the poem. Fill in the blanks with suitable words to complete the summary. Use only one word for each blank.
The poet says that men are (a)_____________of their fortune. They work within the boundaries of (b)__________which men fill up with their (c)__________ of varied range and types. Infact the building (d)_____________for the fate are todays and (e)__________which shape up the fortune leaving no (f)________. Further the poet emphasises that one should keep working without thinking of who (g)_________. By doing so we can build today as strong, (h)________ and firm base which will provide (i)________, ascent to the (j)______________ and that is a golden fortune. 2

Read the passage given below and complete the statements that follow by choosing the answers from the given options.
Our scriptures, sages and seers have told us that the goal of life is happiness. But real happiness or bliss cannot be found in the outside world. It is to be experienced within us, and unless a person has it, he will not feel satisfied, no matter how much material comfort or wealth he may enjoy. He will always desire more. But once he starts experiencing the inner ecstasy, irrespective of what he has or does not have, he will feel totally satisfied.

A parable is told of a man who, living in a small house found the stay of his mother-in-law irksome; Circumstances at home not being congenial, he sought the advice of a saint who, to his surprise, told him to keep his chicken inside the house. Later, he asked his geese, goats and cows, too, in succession, to be huddled inside. The man wondered at this because his problems swelled. The saint then directed him to drive the animals away. Carrying out his instructions, the man suddenly felt there was more space in the house and peace too. Conditions remained the same but it was the mind that produced the change.




The man in the parable was not happy because__________ .
(a) he had a small house.
(b) he had many geese, cows and goats.
(c) his mother-in-law was staying with him.
(d) his children were quarrelsome.
(II) The man sought the advice of the saint to ___________________ (a) make the atmosphere satisfying.
(b) to get rid of his mother-in-law.
(c) to send the children to the saint.
(d) get a bigger house to accommodate all.
(III) The saint advised the man to__________.
(a) keep the chickens inside the house.
(b) keep his geese, goats and cows inside the house.
(c) drive the animals away after a period of time.
(d) all of the above.
(IV) The expression, “his problems swelled” in paragraph (2) of the above passage means________
(a) his problems lessened.
(b) his problems increased.
(c) his problems remained same.
(d) none of the above.


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