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Topics: Interview, Audience, Semi-structured interview Pages: 3 (1282 words) Published: January 25, 2013
In television and radio the interview techniques are very different. Graham Norton does both, in both situations we do see Norton adapting himself. He interviews Jedward in the television interview and Benedict Cumberbatch in the radio interview. They are many differences the obvious one is that one is in a television studio and the other in a radio set; another difference is the audiences that would watch them. The television situation is broadcasted on a Friday night at 10.30pm so the audience would be teenagers and young adults, which is a contrast to the audience that would listen to the radio interview, (which is broadcasted on Saturday morning around 10am) who would be middle aged and certainly older than the people watching the Jedward interview. Also as well as the audience watching on television in the Jedward interview, there is also a live audience in the studio which would give Norton a direct response and gives him people to address. In the radio interview Norton doesn’t have a live audience so he doesn’t get a direct response so that’s why I think he’s calmer and more relaxed. In both interviews I think that Norton doesn’t allow time for the interviewees to talk and this may come across that he’s rushing and is not thinking. In the television situation Norton interrupts Jedward so that the audiences laugh which I guess is what he is meant to do but after a while Jedward give up and just let him interrupt him. An example of when he interrupts in the radio interview when: ‘Cumberbatch: Danny was very….’ ‘Norton: is this Danny Boyle?’ Also Norton continues that part of the interview to talk about himself, which I don’t think is keeping a very good rapport with Cumberbacth. After a while Cumberbatch in my opinion gives up and starts to ask Norton questions about his career; ‘Why did you give up?’ this...
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