Paris with You - Poem Revision Notes

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Rhyme Pages: 11 (1907 words) Published: July 2, 2012
‘In Paris with You’ by James Fenton

Learning objectives:
- AO1: respond to texts critically and imaginatively, select and evaluate textual detail to illustrate and support interpretations. - AO2: explain how language, structure and form contribute to writers’ presentation of ideas, themes and settings.

Pre-reading activity:
1. What do you associate with Paris? For example, you might think of the Eiffel Tower, fancy restaurants, or the Stade de France. Try to think of at least three more – you don’t only have to think of places. ← ______________________________________

← ______________________________________
← ______________________________________

2. What sorts of places do people go for a romantic date? Try to think of at least three locations. ← ______________________________________
← ______________________________________
← ______________________________________

3. Many people say that Paris is ‘the most romantic city in the world’. What does this mean to you? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

( Working with a partner, take two minutes to discuss your responses to the pre-reading questions. ( Note down any new ideas which your partner comes up with. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

First impressions
( Working on your own, read the following list of words which have been taken from the poem.

( Organise the words into two lists: one of words you do associate with love and romance, and one you don’t. You might think that some words could go in either list, but if you find words which could go into both, make a choice as to whether they are usually meant to have romantic overtones or not. Give a brief explanation in each case as to why you’ve chosen to place each word in either list.

|To Do With Love |How / Why |Not to Do With Love |How / Why | | | | | |

( In pairs, discuss how you’ve organised the words.
▪ Does your partner have any differences in their table? ▪ Could any words go into the ‘To do with love’ and the ‘Not to do with love’ columns? Why? ▪ Which words are most and least to do with love?

▪ Do any words stand out? Why?
▪ Can you group any of the words together by shared theme or meaning? ( Note any new connections you come up with here.


( Using all the words from the list, write your own poem. You can add extra words as necessary. You need to decide from the start whether your poem is going to be romantic or not.

( Be prepared to share your writing with the rest of the class, and to listen to other people’s attempts. Are there any common themes or images which crop up?


( Read the original poem and compare it to the poem you wrote. What similarities / differences are there between your poem and Fenton’s?...
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