Employer And Employee Relation

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Assignment #1-Comprehensive Case-Bandag Automotive

1. Given Bandag Auto’s size, and anything else you know about it, explain why and how the human resource management function should be reorganized. Answer:
Bandag automotive is a family oriented business that has great potential for maximum growth. The only issue is that the human resource management function there is not operated in a productive way. Bandag automotive should focus on a brand new strategy to develop a more structured and organized human resource unit. The management function should be able to recruit great employees, handle payroll, administer benefits, and also provide services, such as help resolve work related problems. A new human resource management function could create a positive impact on the company. 2. Recommend what Bandag should change and/or improve upon regarding the current HR systems, forms, and practices the company now uses. Answer:

Bandag should start over fresh with a whole new HR firm one that is experienced, and service above standards of majority HR firms. Jim should prepare a meeting with his HR firm to be sure the policies work along with his company strategy. The Human resource team should consists of several different members with similar but different titles. For example, Jim would be the person to decide who will be the executive assistant, HR manager, and HR representative the one that assist with recruiting employees for the company. These practices will make a huge improvement toward Bandag HR department, by providing quality services to the company and its employees. 3. Jim fired an employee for creating what the manager called a poisonous relationship. Explain whether or not the employee has a legitimate claim against the company and the actions the company should take. Answer:

Jim firing the employee Henry Jacques, because he was having problems interacting with co-workers, in my opinion was wrong. Although, looking at the issue in a...
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