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Topics: Human resource management, Bangladesh, Employment Pages: 4 (936 words) Published: December 10, 2012
HR Policy and Practice

Grameenphone is the pioneer in the field of human resource management, employee care and competence development in Bangladesh. Grameenphone is currently employing approximately 5000 people of which 84 % is under 31years old. The employees are spread out in six office zones throughout the country, with Dhaka being the largest with 3561 employees. Most of the staff has university backgrounds within fields such as management, marketing, economics, finance and engineering. In 1997 the number of expatriates working in the company was close to 90. Today however, there are only five foreigners employed on a regular basis, and another five on time-limited contracts. The government demands that a ratio of 1:20, expatriates to locals be kept. The figures are therefore not only within the government requirement, but significantly so. The situation is supposedly a lot different in many of grameenphone’s competitor companies. The turnover rate in 2006was 8%, and a preliminary 4% so far for 2007. The number of resignations peaked in 2005 when new operators penetrated the market and offered higher salaries to Grameenphone employees, but this was still relatively low. One could argue that low turnover rates are a good indicator of a healthy work environment.

HR Management in Grameenphone

The Mission of HR Division is to ensure improved business performance and competitive advantage by attracting, developing and retaining people in a winning culture that builds organizational capabilities to meet strategic objectives.HRD also strives to create an environment, which facilitates effective performance and enhances employee morale and satisfaction. Objectives

1. Be a strategic business partner and change agent.
2. Create a safe, healthy and attractive working environment. 3. Develop managerial competencies.
4. Ensure an environment for employees to consider HR as champion for their cause

The units in the Division include:...
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