Employee Moral

Topics: Discrimination, Respect, Culture Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: April 16, 2013
It is noticed that all the above issues can be tied to discrimination in the work place. The fact the company is hiring good people makes it crucial for us to create policies that will keep them within the organization. From the addressed list above we can see that we need to apply changes to our policies. Our current policies might cover all or most of these concerns and the issue is in enforcing them, or they could lack the coverage for such issues and needs to be addressed. A full review and revision to our policies must occur to enforce what’s right and change what’s not to provide the best working place for our talents. The intend of our policies should be to enforce the employee rights to a safe, secure, respected, and performing environment which will lead to retaining the top talents. Our employees are the critical to our success and providing means to recognize their achievements and performance is a key to corporate relations with the employees, not only this, but it will provide a more friendly image for the company by the word of the employees who are satisfied and happy to work for us. Discrimination is against the law and policies need to address the discrimination based on sex, race, religion, color, age, material status and national origin. The major discriminations occurring are against gender (sex), material status and could in some way be linked to national origin. The hostile culture towards women is discriminatory towards the gender, and the hostile culture towards families is discriminatory towards the material status. No discrimination shall occur in the work place and the policies shall be revised to address this concern. The company should help the employees fulfill their personal and professional satisfaction levels in their work and personal lives. This is done by providing a great sense of respect to their hard work and their background which lead to a change in the diversity policy of the company. Diversity and disrespect walk hand...
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