Mgmt402 Unit 5 Db

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Gender Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Statistical discrimination is a theory of why minority groups are paid less when hired by a company. The theory explains that managers who are one type are more ethnically adjusted to the applicants of their own type than to other applicants of another type. The theory is often based on employer information such as costs, vagueness, and labor market segmentation. The theory believes that there are differences in average, productivity, skills, and experiences of different groups of workers. In statistical discrimination the employer utilizes information based on the average characteristics of a certain group, such as men and women in their decision making. With this type of discrimination the employer uses the hiring process when limited information is available in regards to the applicant’s productivity. The unconscious bias theory is based on the women’s nature. It defines unconscious basis about the effort women put into their paid job. Discrimination is a rising concern among employees in each organization environment. The theories both support the need for antidiscrimination laws and policies. The theories support the laws and policies by protecting employees and also help to support regulations and rules of administration of the business. Without the laws and policies in place with the support of the theories, then discrimination would be an issue for many applicants in the workforce. At this time, I believe that all the current laws and policies that relate to workplace protection are still needed. While, over the years there have been a lot of changes in regards to how applicants are hired, there is still discrimination that occurs in the workplace. Each one of the laws and policies help to protect employees in concerns to such things as race, sex, age, disability, and sexual orientation. If these laws were to be removed, prior discrimination may occur again in the future. With technology growing, the government needs to review older acts and...
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