Discrimination and New Staff Read

Topics: Discrimination, Gender, Disability Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Direct Discrimination
This is where you may single someone out because of something such as gender, age, race etc, and do not give them the care or support they need because of these reasons. an example of this would be, only supporting females to an event because you think males wouldnt enjoy it. Indirect Discrimination

Indirectly discriminating someone could be unintentional, when a practice you undertake may disadvantage someone because of gender, race, disability. an example of this would be taking the service users out somewhere without wheelchair acessability, therefore anyone in wheelchairs would not be able to come when you could of chosen somewhere with wheelchair accesability so they would of been able to.

Ways Of Working that are inclusive and support anti-discriminatory practice When you plan activities you should ensure you consider all individuals you support and make sure they could all get involved reguardless of their abilities. Provide information about the activities that all service users can access and understand. How does Working in an inclusive way which recognises difference reduce the liklihood of discrimination? Being accepted and involved can encourage individuals so that they arent easy targets. By including individuals of different gender, race, religions and those with mental or physical disabilities allows others to get to know them so they are less likely to discriminate them because of these things. Effective ways of challanging discriminatory practice

Ensure all staff, new staff read and check that the policies and procedures in their workplace do not discriminate, new staff may recognise bad practice as they are new too the situations. Any bad practice should be discussed in staff meetings so that all staff can recognise it.
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