Efficacy of Risk Management in Current Global Crisis

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  • Published : March 1, 2009
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Treasury and Fund Management

“Efficacy Of Risk Management in the current Global Crisis”

Submitted By Muhammed Zubair

I.D. #7859

Submitted to Sir Syed Maqbool-ur-Rehman

Date18th December, 2008


Primarily, I would like to thank Almighty Allah who is the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Sustainer of the universe and who gave me strength, ability, courage and determination to work on this report and Secondly, I would like to thanks to my respectable teacher Mr. Maqbool-ur-Rehman, who provided the opportunity to work on such a research-oriented and informative report. The preparation of this report was an enlightening experience for. I would also like to thanks to my parent who was always there whenever I need their help and guidance.

Muhammed Zubair



December 18th, 2008

Sir Syed Maqbool-ur-Rehman,
Faculty Member Finance,
Institute of Business Management,

Respected Sir

Following is the Term Report you had authorized. The topic, which I was assigned to conduct is “Efficacy Of Risk Management in the current Global Crisis”.

All literature review has been used from authentic books and online resources used are authentic and real as on 18th APRIL 2008. All issues that were relevant to the topic have been tried to cover in this report in detail.


Muhammed Zubair




| | | |Description |Page# | |Part-1 | | |Research Proposal |7 | |Statement of Problem | | |Scope and Objectives of the Report | | |Methodology | | |Study limitations | | |Part-2 | | |Introduction to Financial Crisis |8-10 | |Classification of Assets according to FAS 157 |9 | |Ratio of Level 3 assets-to-Equity |9 | |Expanding leverage: Total assets to Equity ratio |10 | |Capital Req. for Banks by Federal Reserve & FDICIA |10 | |Part-3 | | |Introduction to Risk Management |11-12 | |BASEL2 (Capital requirement framework)...
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