A Case Study on Gulf Oil Corporation

Topics: Cash flow, Gulf Oil, Petroleum Pages: 22 (5555 words) Published: April 22, 2011
A case study
Gulf Oil Corp.

Course no. F-403
Course Title: Investment Banking & Lease Financing

Submitted To
Gazi Hasan Jamil
Assistant Professor
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Date of Submission -

Group Profile----08

NoNameRoll no.
01Kutub Uddin Tanvir14-025
02Md. Biplob Tarafder14-035
03Md. Raihan Robin14-117
04Santu Kumar Kundu14-153
05Sumit Chowdhury14-111

Letter of Transmittal

January 09, 2010
Gazi Hasan Jamil
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Finance,
University of Dhaka.

Dear Sir,

As per our course requirement, we are presenting our report on “”. We are grateful to you for selecting this topic. This topic has given us the wonderful opportunity to work with company performance analysis. Beyond any doubt it has enriched our knowledge base and increased our experience. This project helped us tremendously to understand the implication of theoretical knowledge in the practical field. We hope you will appreciate our sincere effort

We have tried our level best to gather and show all necessary information relevant to the topic. Our report may suffer from some unintentional mistakes due to our inexperience. We hope you will consider our inexperience and this report will meet the standard of your judgment.

Sincerely yours

Department Of Finance
University Of Dhaka


Preparing this report was both exciting and hard work, at the same time we had a real life experience. The varied nature of the matters dealt with has entitled references too many sources and to all of these sources we gladly acknowledge our ineptness for the ideas and information they have provided.

First of all we want to give thanks to the Almighty. We want to give thanks to those persons who provide us information. We also get many help from Internet and reference books.

We would like to express our gratitude to our honorable course instructor Dr. Farid Ahmed for providing us with such opportunity to work on this type of topic. Without her vast support, advice, encouragement and guidance it would not be possible for us to prepare this report.

Table of Contents

SL no.ParticularsPage no.
01Executive Summary
02Company back ground
03Industry analysis
04Company analysis
05Valuation of gulf oil
06Bid valuation
07Findings and recommendation

Executive Summary

We have explored all possible means to determine the appropriate takeover price of gulf oil co. by using, information given in this case, disclosers by company, internet and text books available. Takeover price of any company largely depend on its competitive position, profitability, growth potentiality etc. It is needless to say that stock valuation is an important source of company analysis. The performance of all companies largely depends on the growth stock. Our main object is to focus on the stock valuation of gulf companies to determine the takeover price. We have shown the SWOT analysis to determine the competitive position in the industry, porters five forces model to determine the level of competition as well as the profitability in the petroleum industry, stock valuation to determine the appropriate takeover price. We have used different valuation technique (DDM, FCFE, FCFF, P/E, P/CF, P/S & P/BV). This report will help to justify the real performance and clear testimony of what Gulf oil represent in reality and what may wait for it’s growth in the future. We all must convey our heartfelt gratitude to Gazi Hasan Jamil,Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, University of Dhaka, for his care and guidance while teaching us the subject.

Gulf Oil Corporation at a Glance

Petroleum Industry Analysis

Company Analysis

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